Who Am I and Why Should You Listen To Me?

Who Am I?

My name is Craig and I am a business owner and consider myself successful at the businesses I have started and grown from the ground up.  In today’s world, everyone markets themselves as a guru of some sort on the internet.   Some might be, most aren’t.  They give something a go and when they have the slightest success, they decide to sell a course or startup webinars making promises they simply can’t keep.  Be wary!  I not only started two small businesses, but I also built them up to a level (one at a time) that supported my family of 4.  Not only that, I sold the first one for a considerable profit only to start the second immediately thereafter.  I wasn’t going to start selling courses or the secrets to the business because, why would I?  Those students would be competitors and I simply don’t believe that those who are successful sell their secrets, they just continue doing what they do to make more money and keep the secrets to themselves.  I have never trusted anyone that shows huge payouts or income of hundreds of thousands of dollars yet they are selling the secret for $49.99.  I urge you not to believe them either.

With no background in marketing or owning/building a business from the ground up, I had to study everything I could find.  It got to a point I was buying books, courses, training and coaching only to find out that I knew more than the authors and teachers did.  I was happy when I found a small nugget of information that I didn’t know from an entire course or book about a subject.  At least I learned one thing.  I finally figured out that I knew what I was doing, the only thing that held me back was myself.  I wouldn’t get out of my own way and implement the knowledge I had.  I was tripping over my own fears.  When I started putting into play everything that I had in my noggin, I started succeeding.  When I started succeeding, I kept doing what works and didn’t listen to the latest self-proclaimed gurus promising the world for $199.  Now, I in no way consider myself a guru at anything.  I consider myself knowledgeable in many areas of building a business, and marketing a small business from the start to the $100,000 per year profit level is where I know what I am talking about.  Over the $100,000 level, I am not sure if my coaching would be beneficial or not.  Would my strategies work if they are scaled up considerably or would new strategies be needed?  I can not answer that.  Once I built my companies to the $100,000 per year profit levels, that is where I shifted from growth to maintenance.  I just maintained that level of income with no urge to increase it.  I was content.

So who am I?  I am simply a successful entrepreneur that is confident in marketing a company to reach the $100,000 income level.

What Do I Charge?

I don’t charge anything.   I am not here to coach each of you to build your business.  I am here to coach you on what I believe is the number one way to build your company whether you have thousands of customers/clients or still looking for your first one.  I know this marketing platform completely and have coached many successful business owners on how to get signed up, get started and how to grow rapidly with one stupidly simple marketing platform.  Mobile Text Marketing.  In 2018, only 3% of the businesses in the United States were utilizing mobile marketing.  That obviously means 97% have failed to try it or tried it and didn’t succeed because they didn’t know how to utilize it correctly.  That is where I come in.  I am going to walk you through mobile text marketing in private, hand in hand, and guide you to grow your business faster than has ever been possible.  If you follow along and read these articles, I will lay out all the advantages and disadvantages of mobile marketing.  The only thing I ask in return is when you are ready to begin utilizing mobile marketing, you let me help you.  Within this site, you will see many useful tips on how and why you should use mobile marketing, but the really good stuff, the juicy stuff, comes when you agree to work with me and allow me to help you from getting set up to completely winning in business and life.  That is when the magic will happen…when we partner together.  And again, your personal mobile messaging coach cost you nothing extra.  Not a cent.

So What Next?

Take all the time you need to go through this website and watch the content that will be pouring out.  Soak it all in.  Get excited.  Then just send me a message and ask me to help you get started.  We will do an assessment of where you are as a business and where you want to be and when you want to get there.  Then we will decide together on whether mobile marketing is the next step for you.  If it isn’t, we will know and can work on the steps that you need to do to lead up to text message marketing and then when you are ready to begin, you will know.  So bookmark this blog, sign up for email alerts and follow along.  There will be at least two articles a week posted here and they will all be information you need to know before, after and during your text message marketing.  But, just know that my one true love is building companies and you can pick my brain to find out what steps you need to complete to help your business grow rapidly so you too can have a great income and live the dream.

My Only Promise To You

My only promise to you is to coach you while you are utilizing mobile text marketing to build your business and show you how to do it correctly the first time so you won’t waste time, energy and money while learning.  I will be there with you and we will do it all together.  If you are dedicated, I will match your dedication as if it were my own business and will equal your effort.  If you don’t try, neither will I.  I want to help those that help themselves.  If you give 100%, I promise you that I will too.  As your agent and as your friend.  We will succeed together.

I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you.